How to Pay for Membership Upgrade with ATM Card



how to make payment with your atm card quickteller


You can now make payment to upgrade your OMMOFAN membership to Gold premium subscription with your ATM Card from any bank in Nigeria.

Please note that you can make payment to upgrade your OMMOFAN membership any time of the day or anywhere you may be at any point in time. You can use the QuickTeller Payment Gateway on any ATM machine or via online transfer through their website.

Alternatively, you can use ANY MOBILE PHONE to do the transfer even without internet connection and it will still work.

Simply type the following code through the Mobile Phone Number that is tied to your account:

*322*AccountNumber*Amount# (Use this code on ANY MOBILE PHONE to effect bank transfers.)

The process of making an online transfer via the QuickTeller payment gateway is described on this page. Please follow the step by step procedure below to make payment with your ATM card:

STEP 1: Visit and click on REGISTER to create an account for free.

STEP 2: Fill the registration form.

On the form, where you have WHO REFFERED YOU, type in


STEP 3: After registration, validate your email and login to your quickteller account with your phone number or email address and password.


STEP 4: Click on FUND TRANSFER in your quickteller account dashboard. Then click on TRANSFER TO ACCOUNT


STEP 5: Fill the form using our account details as follows:

Destination bank*: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Account Number*: 0154156502

Account Type*: Current

Beneficiary Name: Komebiz International

Amount*: 5000

Beneficiary Email:

Beneficiary Phone No: 08034563447

Remarks: If Your Username is "GIFTED", Type "GIFTED - OMMOFAN"


STEP 6: Click Continue, Tick "I agree to the Terms of Use" and Click Transfer on the Confirmation Page.


STEP 7: In the next step, you will see option to pay with your ATM card. Complete it to finalize the process.



Quickteller will charge you N52.50 convenience fee for the transfer.

After payment, login to your OMMOFAN account and click on Notify Payment to inform us of your payment.


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Have you made payment to upgrade your membership to premium (GOLD) membership? If so, click HERE to notify us of your payment.

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