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Welcome to Komebiz International!

...Make Money in Ghana and Nigeria Online - the easy way!


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Of course it does. While ONE MILLION in naira and cedis looks very good. Dollars even looks far better than the two of them put together!

Now, what if I tell you that YOU can earn over one million naira or cedis online on a monthly basis?

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Ever Heard of the Man Kome Itoje?

The name Kome Itoje may be new to you. But, he is the man who is going to be your mentor in your desire to greatly improve your finances, experience a new lease of life and literally fulfil all your lifelong dreams and ambitions.

Kome Itoje - MD/CEO, KomeBiz.com, IMHeadquartersng.com, TheNigeriaHost.net, GlobalDomains.Host, KomeItoje.com, ImportersBible.com, FiverrBlueprint.net and TrueLoveAdvisor.comKome Itoje is the MD/CEO of Komebiz International, a business which is legally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria, West Africa.

The official website of Komebiz International is KomeBiz.com.

Some of the online properties of Komebiz International are as follows: IMHeadquartersng.com, TheNigeriaHost.net, GlobalDomains.Host, KomeItoje.com, ImportersBible.com, FiverrBlueprint.net and TrueLoveAdvisor.com.

Komebiz International is committed to helping small businesses survive and thrive in Nigeria, Ghana and across Africa.

We have been helping small business owners make money online in Nigeria in the small business niche for over ten years now.

Indeed, you have the most reliable and trustworthy partner to assist you in your quest to improve your finances and smile to the bank daily!


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