Properties and Houses for Sale in Magboro, Lagos Ibadan Expressway

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Searching for properties and houses for sale in Magboro, Lagos, Nigeria?

Do you desire to have an investment where you will be getting returns on your money within the next few years?

Or, do you simply want a good location where you want to buy and build without any hindrance?

If so, I have good news for you!

Here is a wonderful real estate investments opportunity for you!

Casavilla Estate, Magboro, Lagos, Nigeria is up for sale!

So, if you would love to take advantage of these real estate investment opportunities in Lagos Nigeria in order to reap huge dividends a few years from now, then you should hurry and invest in Casavilla Estate, Magboro, without delay.

Check out the details below.


*Casavilla Estate* and *Home* is a unique enclave set in a serene neighborhood of Magboro, Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Behind the Punch news Paper Office.

We have two amazing products in the same location selling at affordable prices:

✨ Casavilla Estate ( Land)
✨ Casavilla Homes (2 & 3 Bedroom Bungalow)

Land size is *50 by 100*


For more information and inspection,  kindly contact or whatsapp Kome on 08034563447.


Please send your questions to Or, you can whatsapp/call/sms us at the following telephone number: 08034563447 or 08094089232.

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Need more info? If so, you can whatsapp/call/sms us at the following phone number: 08034563447.

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